packhorse is a service set up to respond to certain types of production required by agencies and their clients X we provide specialist directors and directors of photography who, as well as filming commercials, also create sequences for existing spots & tags

packhorse          as specialists in adapting existing films, we generate new material in the form of product demonstrations, food performance, liquids and pack replacement X our new sequences fit seamlessly into existing material, extending a current communication or reinvigorating a recent campaign

experience          practised at grasping a brief quickly, our knowledge enables us to find & provide solutions without making a fuss X  where the emphasis of the brief is technical rather than creative, we can significantly alleviate the work load of an agency’s production and creative departments

flexible       if required, packhorse can film alongside other production companies who might not have the experience and expertise for this demanding & technical aspect of production X clients feel reassured knowing the agency is devoting time and attention to their product sequences

talent         depending on the brief, we can provide either a Director or a DOP X on simple projects, the option of a DOP, who takes responsibility for the shoot and attends an initial meeting, works extremely well, it allows a project to keep within the client budget without compromising quality

team          we provide a carefully selected, dedicated team, with years of experience; prop men – home economists – sfx supervisors – camera technicians - colourists – flame ops,  along with a specialist director or director/ dop X by attaching the best talent we can supply the highest level production at the most competitive cost

integrated           packhorse can quote for and provide both production & post production, overseeing an entire project up to final delivery X or we can work with existing post houses in the traditional way X where we undertake the whole production, it benefits from a single point of contact throughout; a producer and production team who understand every detail X this lends a cohesion to the project and prevents possible conflict between the two parts of the process X it also impacts positively on both cost and quality

costs          with retained clients, a detailed reconciliation is provided at the completion of the job, showing every part of the budget spend X supplier invoices and receipts are available for review

ball-parking         a self-generated online ball-park , using a simple, self generated, online ballpark calculator allows an agency producer to put together approximate costs for prospective work within minutes

so whether it’s beautifully lit pack-shots, liquid being captured with a moving camera at ultra high speed, or food looking at it most appetising, packhorse are the right company to call